How Does The Justice System As Depicted In Plato's Republic

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In Plato’s “Republic”, there are many discussions of what is right or wrong. The book goes into depth about various aspects of life such as justice, virtue, and social standings. The whole point of the book is to determine what justice really is and if there is an absolute good in a justice system. One idea that really stood out to me was when Thrasymachus says, “ I proclaim that justice is nothing else than the interest of the stronger(Plato).” Thrasymachus claims that everything that is created by a higher power, or ruler, is only for the gain of himself. Since there are multiple government systems, each ruler can make the rules as just so that they will be in the favor. In turn, the justice system would then always favor who is stronger,…show more content…
If that person messes up on their duty, then that type of work isn’t meant for them. Maybe they really weren’t suited for a lower class, but a higher class and vise verse. A city, especially the perfect city, can’t have any faults in it, then it would not be perfect anymore. As Plato puts it later in the Republic, the city would fall into timocracy once social classes started to mix. Socrates does contradicts himself a little in Book III, 370. He claims that everyone has a specific form of work that they are good at. If they are truly good at it, they could not create something bad and still be good at their job. In Book I he brings up a point that rulers can make mistakes, and Thrasymachus agrees with him(“Plato. The Republic.”). If a mistake was made in a ruler’s position, is he really meant to have that specific job? If a Guardian, the highest level throughout the whole city messed up, or was portrayed falsely, would he still hold that position? The same goes for the citizens when it comes to their trades. Would you want a service or product to be imperfectly made and them keep producing it? That would be beneficial to no one, not even the worker. These two tie together in the sense that it would only be

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