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7 for 27.50 panty, 2 for 49.50 bras, every girl and every guy with a girl should know which store to find these deals at, Victoria Secret. Every time I go to the mall VS is the first store I enter, stay the longest in, and spend the most money. I have been a fan of their products since I was teenager. It has grown to be one of my favorite stores. Today I, Logan Williams will inform you of how it all got started. Victoria secret is a multi-billion dollar lingerie company. Founded in 1977 by Roy Raymond. He came up with the idea for a lingerie store while buying some lingerie pieces for his wife. His goal was to open a store where men can shop freely for their significant other without feeling uncomfortable. He opened his first store in the…show more content…
Under the influence of Mr. Wexner Victoria Secret grew into the bestselling Lingerie Company in the world. He revamped the VS brand. They began to sell more than just lingerie, their merchandise now consists of beauty products, perfumes, sleep wear, bathing suits, active wear, etc. VS revamped their product with the help of some help of America’s top supermodels, Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, and Karolina Kurkova. In 1995 VS had its first fashion show at the Plaza hotel since then this fashion show has grown into one of most highly anticipated fashion shows in the world. According to Business Insider, the 2013 VS show cost $12 million dollars compared to the first show budget of 120,000. Victoria secret introduce Victoria secret angels in the year 1998. Being a VS angel is one of the highest honor in the modeling world, the goal for every model is to get their wings, once you get your wings you have reach ultimate stardom. In the year 2004 VS introduce us to VSPINK. According to CNN Money, the goal was to cater to 18 to 22 year old college students to give them something fun and flirty to wear. All in all Victoria secret had a rough start like most businesses does, but it has beat every obstacle thrown its away. It’s safe to say that VS billion dollar brand is here to

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