Outline On George Orwell's '1984'

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1984 by George Orwell Section I. Briefly identify each of the following: The setting of the novel- a society where the people are controlled completely by the government Double think- when people believe completely different things at the same time Newspeak- the language of Oceania that makes it impossible to disobey Big Brother Face crime- having a facial expression that would portray rebellious thoughts and actions that is punishable Proles- the masses of society controlled by the Party Ministry of Love- tortures enemies of the Party Comrade Ogilvy- an imaginary person made up to take the place of someone who became an enemy to the Party in a speech commending them for their loyalty The Golden Country- a place in Winston's imagination where he first dreams of Julia…show more content…
Another basic idea of Ingsoc is “the mutability of the past.” An interesting instance of this occurs during one of Winston’s working days. Analyze the history Winston fabricates in the case of Comrade Withers. What does this reveal about the Party’s use of the past? The Party uses the past to change outcomes of the present and ultimately the future in order to make the Party last forever. 28. The name Winston very likely comes from Winston Churchill. Why would Orwell have given his main character such a name? George Orwell chose the name Winston because Churchill fought against Hitler, a dictator mentioned in the book that had similar ideas to that of the Party. 29. What kind of memories of the past does Winston have? What do they mean to him? How do they, for instance, contribute to his sense of the unreality of life in Oceania? He remembers stealing chocolate from his mother and sister and running away, but he cannot tell if they are real or not. They're a way of tying him back to the past and trying to remember what it was like before the revolution. 30. Develop a character sketch of Winston’s wife Katherine as he remembers her. In what ways is she typical of women in

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