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Blue Macaw Script: The blue macaw or else known as Hyancith Macaw is a vulnerable species of macaws. The International Union for conservation of Nature, Red List of threatened species has classified the blue macaw as a vulnerable species. This means that the blue macaw are likely to become endangered unless the circumstance threading its survival and reproduction improve. In particular to the blue macaw's case it was down listed from endangered because its population had not declined as rapidly as previously though by scientists. This bird can be found in several Latin American countries including Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay. The blue macaw can be found in three different areas of Brazil: (show map and locate.)…show more content…
Strangely enough, these birds sometimes uses their beaks as additional feet helping them to maintain their clutches on trees as well as travel from branch to branch. Their tongue contains a bone through it, allowing it to be used as a tool when tapping into trees. The blue macaw has a strong and slender legs as well as zygodactylous toes, this allows them to have incredible balance, allowing it to hold onto thick branches as well as allowing it to grab and examine items on the go. However being part of the macaw family they are very social birds, with their loud calls echoing in several of its habitat. This attracts their predators including the Purblish Jays, White- earned Possum and coatis who steals the flock's eggs as well as the injured and young. The noticeable sounds made by the Blue Macaw also attracts illegal hunters that are attracted to it by their natural beauty and exotic color. The blue macaw prefers semi-open habitats usually consisting of riverside tropical rain forests. Their habitat usually consists of forests which have a dry season that prevents closed-canopy tropical forest such as dense,humid rain forests. Blue macaws live in a variety of habitats,…show more content…
In Brazil, the Blue Macaw can be also seen as a national icon. The same way, we show pride towards our country, the extinction of the blue macaw to Brazil would cause great dispute on their nationality and what it would mean to be, 'Brazilian.' Closely connected to the first point, the blue macaw attracts tourism to Brazil. In Australia we sell our outback, similarly in Brazil, they sell their rain forests. However, you can't sell the outback, without selling the photo opportunities with kangaroos, as its part of the package. It's the same with Brazil, as the exotic, tropical bird that is the Blue Macaw attracts people to visit places such as the Amazon and the Pantanal region or to come to Brazil in the first place. They blue macaw also has a cultural connection with the Indigenous of the land, they are situated in. The native Indians, of Brazil sing about the beauty of the blue macaw and believes it hosts a spiritual legend, that helped with the creation of the world. Their plumage can be seen in many religious artifacts of the native, Indians such as the head dress of the 'Tupi' people. It would cause great cultural outrage and disputes between the Indigenous people of Brazil,if we didn't save

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