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Individuals inevitably suffer from Peter Pan syndrome at least once in their lifetime, the symptoms of the disease classifies as not desiring to age and remaining eternally youthful. People who suffer from this disease typically possess the body of an adult but the mentality of a child. Growing up demolishes our mere innocence and forces us to forget about our inner child. We often seek for comfort and familiarity, for it is what we know and comprehend best. The inner child that resides within us begins to slowly deteriorate and thus is often forgotten and left behind over time, crying for help. The classic tale of Peter Pan enables us to live out our dreams of never aging again though his character and his adventures in the magical realm…show more content…
Individuals ponder his decision to leave Wendy as he ascends to Neverland and breaks his promise of remembering her and returning for a visit, for all children are forgetful and prone to leaving things behind. Relatable to modern society, the story portrays the joys of perpetual childhood. One cannot help but to sympathize with Peter, for life becomes difficult and overbearing from time to time. The story of Peter represents the everlasting promise of youth and playtime. Aside from his charming and fun side, Peter Pan also possesses a dark and lonesome component to him, making him a memorable work in literature and modern society. Peter is an immensely flawed individual that leaves people wonder-struck but also in awe. One can't help but to take a liking to his persona. His character has capture the hearts and minds of many. He is magical to say the least. He is a child at heart and always will be, for he embodies all the characteristics of one: ignorant, selfish, inconsiderate, stubborn and forgetful. Despite his imperfect traits and nature, he depicts all the reasons why adulthood is prominent and necessary. It was the boy who sported a green, leafy outfit with the killer smile that reminds us that we were all once children and that anything is possible with faith, trust and pixie

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