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Good morrow Your Honor, my name Spencer Grace Leatherberry and I am here on behalf of my lady, Queen Morgana Le Fay, to represent her this day in court. I am proving to the good people of Logres that my Lady is innocent of the charges laid apon her. Now all siblings fight with each other over many things, whether it be who gets the last dessert after dinner, or more importantly which son will be chosen to inherit the kingdom upon a king’s death. They quarrel and fight over every single detail, and that is how they learn to love and appreciate each other. I am here today to show you that Morgana meant nothing by her actions against King Arthur but just to tease with him, as all siblings do. Ever since Morgana Le Fay was a young child she has been neglected by her parents. Her mother, Igrayne had 2 other daughters with Gorlois who were both much older than young Morgana, Morgawse and Elaine. By the time that Igrayne became queen both older sisters were grown up, and married off to wealthy kings. Igrayne was busy having to conduct queenly producteurs that she had no time for the young Morgana Le Fay. Her life at home was tenuous, she was made a maid by her own mother. In the end, Her mother decided that for her good Morgana…show more content…
She then went to his bed side and grabbed the scabbard. In his rage Arthur and Sir Outlake went riding through the forest after her. She tried to tell them that she was helping but her voice got lost in the wind. It was no use they were coming to kill her. She quickly threw the scabbard into the lake due to the precious jewls that it heald. She then turned herself and her followers into stones so that the king and Sir Outlake would not harm them. Now you see that Morgana Le Fay threw the scabbard into the lake only to protect King Arthur from its

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