Similarities Between Dido And Aeneas

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Passion is a strong, but yet barely controllable emotion. In my personal commentary regarding passion, placing more energy into something than normally required to do it means you are realistically enthusiastic and excitement about it. Passion is an ambition that is materialized into action in order to place as much heart, mind, body, and soul into something that is possible. As passion closely relates to love, it may result in obsessive behavior. This may mean you are in love, passionately or have passionate lustful feelings. Describing passion includes a cloud of emotions towards another person or something that will have someone living in a real life soap opera, (at least that’s what I like to call it). As a woman, we do things more than…show more content…
Dido exhibited an uncontrollable emotion for Aeneas and left her city idle: “the towers she started no longer rise, the young men no longer carry out their drill, or work on the harbor: the interrupted work is left hanging, the huge threatening walls, the sky-reaching cranes”, 3:85-88. Juno, who is favorable of Dido and Aeneas, notices Dido passion for Aeneas and wants them to wed in order for Dido to focus back on her city and in hopes Aeneas will stay. So help is sought through Venus, the goddess of love and Aeneas mother. With the collaboration between the two Gods, after the banquet ceremony in honor of Aeneas, both Aeneas and Dido were in a cave. The Queen and the Trojan leader share a romantic encounter; which Dido interprets as a marriage to ease her guilt: quoting, “Dido’s no longer troubled by the appearance or reputation, she no longer thinks of a secret affair: she calls it marriage: and with that name disguises her sin”, 5:169-171. The knowledge of the union spreads throughout the nations and angers some, particularly King Irabas, who had a passion to marry Dido. A messenger by the name of Mercury was sent from the Gods to tell Aeneas his true passion: “he was to be one who’d rule Italy, pregnant with empire”, 6:228, Joes command. Of course Aeneas enacts on his civic duty…show more content…
As love or hate, passion may exhibit strong amorous feelings and desires. Like Dido has been succumbed to the passion of love for another human being. With strong or extravagant fondness, sexual desires, and lustful feelings, I too was struck at a young and tender age. I used my beauty and brains to lure and capture the man I wanted into my heart. Having a meaningful relationship with my partner meant the world to me. As I moved forward to make plans for our future after my upcoming high school graduation, a turn in events occurred and I was left with the man I loved for over two years fleeing to serve our country in the Navy. Unbeknown to me this came as a shock. I couldn’t figure out why he chose the passion of civic duty over my passion for love. As of now I see the picture vividly, our love for one another was not evenly distributed. In comparison to Dido, I couldn’t bare to lose another love either. Unfortunately, Dido experience ended in her death. Even though I chose to move on with my life after my tragedy, I went on to college as planned. Never healing from such heart break of my first love, causing a neglectful impact on my educational passion. In retrospect from over ten years ago, to losing the love of my life and never fulfilling neither passion for love or education, I vowed to never place a man as my passion until I wed, but to reset my educational goals and continue with that passion. Currently, I

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