Violence In Inglorious Basterds

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In his film, “Inglourious Basterds”, Quentin Tarantino explores the cruelties of the Nazis era and war-time trauma by using violence as the primary mechanism. The movie portrays violence as something that instills fear and controls people’s mentality. Tarantino, in a way, is suggesting that certain powerful individuals, such as Shosanna and the Basterds, use violence as a way to express their traumatic experiences. This message, then, is illustrated through techniques such as music, lighting, camera effects, and acting strategies. The movie opens with a shooting of a Jewish family that farmer LaPadite hides under his floor boards by Colonel Hans Landa’s, Christoph Waltz, men. After they were done shooting, one of the family members survived…show more content…
As the movie went on, I warmed up to it as I saw it had some humor. I still had a hard time keeping up with all the men soldiers and the constantly switching between languages. The comedy from Brad Pitt was great. I always enjoy his type of humor that he does in movies. Christoph Waltz and he did an awesome job acting, as they always do. “Inglourious Basterds” is about Jewish-American soldiers chosen so assassinate Nazis during World War II, as we know. This movie was not based off a true story, but it did based some scenes off of real life occurrences. Tarantino did take some criticism from men that are still alive and from the families of the men from that group who were trained to kill Germany Nazis soldiers during World War II. Just like the theatre scene at the end. Glourious Basterds did not really go and burn down a theatre with Nazis’ in it. In conclusion, “Inglourious Basterds” was not my type of movie. Overall the movie was good, but just not for me. I kept on getting distracted, and then I had to rewind it to read what had just been said because of the different languages being spoken during this

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