What Did Hitler Do During The 1920s

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Who were the Nazis and what did they do during 1920s? Founding the Nazi Party The Nazi party or German Workers’ party was founded in 1919 by a group of men including Anton Drexler. He invited Hitler who was frustrated about the economic crisis in Germany after they lost the First world war to join the Nazi Party in the same year. The Nazi party promoted German nationalism and anti-semitism (anti-Jewish). Hitler soon started to make speeches to convince the people about the Nazis’ ideas. In July 1921, Hitler became the leader of the Nazi Party and renamed it as the National Socialists Germans Workers’ Party (Nazi Party) Starting to rise Through 1920s, Hitler made plenty of public speeches expressing the Nazis central idea that the national…show more content…
In the same year, Hitler was elected as the chancellor of Germany and formed his own legal dictatorship. He and his political allies intimidated all other parties into disbanding. By July 14, 1933, the National Socialists German Worker’s Party was declared to be the only legal political party in Germany. After the death of the previous leader of Germany, Hindenburg, Hitler became the leader and chancellor. All sorts of opposition to Hitler’s dictatorship was suppressed. Hitler announced to expand the German empire and to build death camps to kill the non-Aryans. This was when the Nazis had seized full control of the German empire and rose to…show more content…
In the following year, they invaded Denmark, Norway, France, Belgium, Britain, etc. Around that time, they were really fighting to dominate Europe. The Nazis also built many concentration and death camps in Germany as well as other German-conquered areas. They had a systematic order of killing of all the Jews as well as other non-Aryans including homosexuals and disabled people. Who was Hitler and how did he rise to power? Hitler’s early years Adolf Hitler was born in Branau am Inn, Austria on 20th April, 1889. When Hitler was three years old, his family moved from Austria to Germany. When Hitler was young, he had a huge interest in art. In addition to that, He also showed an early interest in German nationalism and disliked the policies of Austria-Hungary. After his father died in 1903, his mother allowed him to quit school. Hitler then moved to Vienna and became a labourer and painter. Joining the army Hitler applied to serve in the German army during World War 1. He was accepted though he was still an Austrian citizen. During the First World War, Hitler fought a few significant battles and was decorated for bravery. He was angry that Germany had surrendered and thought that Germany lost the war because of the betrayal of civilian

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