James Wright's Poem Youth

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James Wright, in the poem “Youth”, utilizes symbols to represent factory worker’s lives but expressing their lives in terms of a bird. This representation is applied when Mr. Wright wrote, “Strange Bird, His song remains secret”. Mr. Wright is trying to exemplify the tediousness and hardships factory works face in their lives. The bird symbolizes that even though Mr. Wright’s father and most factory workers loathe their occupation. Although, they have come to accept that this is the way they will live for the rest of their life. Instead of objecting and holding protest, they bottle up their resentment and continue to live their life without expressing dislike towards the factory. To summarize, James Wright’s poem employs symbols to portray how factory workers do not complain about their profession even though it is mediocre and uneventful.…show more content…
One of those literary devices is a simile. A simile is used to compare two unlike things with the words “like” or “as”. In the poem, a simile was written “as quiet as the evening”. This simile was used to represent the emotion of James Wright’s father on a daily basis. Whether his father had a bad day or occasionally a good day, Wright’s father never uttered a complaint nor an insult towards the factory. He had accepted that this was the way his life was destined to be so he accepted it with open arms even though he would probably rather be elsewhere. In the poem “Youth” many different techniques are written to illustrate someone’s personality but John Wright does this repeatedly by using a literary device called

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