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“Late last week, Marvel took a sledgehammer to our preconceived notions about how far it would push the boundaries of the television medium. Jessica Jones is dark, brutal, tragic and unburdened by inhibitions. It asks questions that you don’t want answers to and it revels in sex and violence in a way that no Marvel show or movie has before. Jessica Jones is a departure. A welcome departure.” A lot of us are not familiar with the character : Jessica Jones. I myself have always been a DC follower and most of the time, take Marvel for granted. This is what I found about Jessica Jones. Since plenty of you too probably haven’t heard of Jessica Jones before, she is a superhero with an intense backstory involving rape, alcohol and psychological abuse.…show more content…
She has no grand plan to save the world or even individuals. She just wants to save those closest to her . Jessica Jones is also against facile notions of justice. It isn’t about getting payback against the people that hurt you. It’s deeper and more frustrating than that. The best and the most harrowing thing about the show : Jessica Jones‘s villain is the most sinister Marvel villain we’ve seen. Underneath the nouveau elegance of his haberdashery and buttery accent, Kilgrave is the most heinous villain we’ve seen from Marvel. He has the power to control the minds of others, from telling them when they’re allowed to speak to pushing them to commit suicide. His violence is intimate and personal, aimed at the most fragile parts of Jessica’s psyche. But Kilgrave isn’t the show’s only villain. He is part of a larger narrative about control and abuse. The show can be deeply cynical in its worldview . People with power and control of a relationship, whether between a man and a woman, a parent and a child, the rich and poor , or someone with superpowers and no superpowers,

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