Dale Carnegie: How To Enjoy Your Life And Your Work

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Introduction: The book “How to enjoy your life and your job” gives a detail account of how to manage life in a happy and peaceful and better way. The author of this book Dale Carnegie shows the reader of the book that our everyday work can be very well organized and be better than how we are doing it right now. He does this by giving examples of well-known people of all ages who were successful in their lives and their extremely rich powerful sayings. This is a motivational book that teaches the reader to be better in human relations. Background Information: Dale Carnegie was born on 24 November 1988 in Maryville, Missouri. His fathers name was James William Carnegie. He was an author as well as a versatile public speaker whose books can…show more content…
This cannot be applied in every situation. Although you will be criticized in whatever you do but still you cannot do whatever you feel right. There are certain things which are right for you and sometimes people suggesting and advising you are maybe well experienced and correct. Selecting a goal from the book: Dale Carnegie’s book is very good for self-help. After reading this book it has a positive impact on my personality. I did not have to choose a goal to apply in my life, I automatically start following some of the instructions like the advice of not to worry too much and vanish boredom. I was a person who was stressed out by the daily routine life chores. Now I learned to take interest and be relaxed and do not to make an issue for the things which are actually not a problem but a difficult task only. This helps me a lot and I feel a lot less tired and frustrated throughout the day. Eventually day by day I was not stressed about the university or the next day’s tough routine as it is the part of life. I tried to take interest in whatever I am doing. This helped me a lot of saving of energy which was before wasted just because of tiring thoughts and I hope that the influence lasts long but even if it doesn’t I won’t mind reading the book again if I feel

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