The American Dream In The Life Of Malcolm X

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The life of Malcolm X was a prime example of why the “American Dream” is not actually plausible for most of America. The black community has been oppressed and discriminated against for too long for the idea that they are equal to the white man to even exist. The american dream in a sense is only for the white man and the nightmare for those of a different a complexion. To get to where he did, he overcame ignorance, drugs, hate, and other obstacles that so many black people fall into. Despite his multitude of accomplishments, he never reached the ideal “American Dream”. This obvious discrimination and large amount of tragedy in his life, illustrates that Malcolm X’s life was more nightmare than dream in the sense that he never truly realized his dream of peace and safety that is so rudimentary to the ideal American life. Malcolm first closed opportunity occurs at the young age of 6 years old. When Malcolm X was 6 years old his father was murdered by the Black Legion Malcolm’s father was a baptist minister who argued for equal rights for black people. He talked too much, so the black legion took matters into their own hands. They bashed his head in and…show more content…
Malcolms main problem he did not have liberty. He was oppressed from a young age all the way to the day he died. Without Liberty he was unable to pursue happiness , evident through that one conversation with his teacher. Finally his life was taken away for pursuing his other two “God given rights”. These “God Given rights” are actually to only be obtained for white people. If the American Dream is a product of the “God given rights” than the american Nightmare is the result of the latter. Malcolm X like so many before him lived the American nightmare and unlike those before him fought so his children could finally live the American
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