What Are The Ghosts In The Turn Of The Screw

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The Turn of the Screw, written by Henry James, is a novella that links together the supernatural and inappropriate behaviors. The ghosts within this text are blamed for the corruption and loss of innocence of the two children, Miles and Flora. This notion is created and pursued by the Governess as she becomes obsessed with trying to force the children to admit that the ghosts are forcing them to participate in relationships that are socially unacceptable. Creating the Governess to be an unreliable narrator allows readers to use her as a device in order to help readers participate in close readings of The Turn of the Screw and shows readers why the supernatural and inappropriate behaviors are linked together during this novella. Having an unreliable narrator causes readers to tend to connect with the narrator, which then pushes readers to agree with how the Governess feels about the ghosts in…show more content…
If readers decide the ghosts are real than they are agreeing with the idea that having relationships between classes is inappropriate and homosexuality is even more inappropriate. The end of the story would be appropriate because Peter Quint and Miss Jessel corrupted Miles while they were alive and Quint continued to corrupt Miles while he is a ghost. This corruption comes with the ultimate price to pay, which is Miles’ life. If readers decide that the ghosts do not actually exist, than they are deciding that the novella is trying to highlight the problems within societies boundaries and what society finds socially acceptable when concerning relationships. Miles’ death would be viewed as a tragedy that the Governess caused by forcing Miles to live life a certain way. The Governess’s persistent obsession with the children and their relationships with the ghosts is a reason the supernatural are deemed
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