Practice Gap Theory

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Closing the Theory-Practice Gap The theory-practice gap is not a new problem in healthcare today. This problem has existed for many years and does not seem to be disappearing from healthcare anytime soon. The theory-practice gap in nursing is the difference between what is taught in the classroom and how care is actually given in practice. Theories in nursing are developed to help nurses in practice; these theories have been developed along side and around medical knowledge and medical theory along with evidence-based practices. Applying the knowledge of theory acquired from school to the clinical setting can be challenging because the differences in context and learning styles (Hatlevik, 2011). The gap between theory and practice is an embarrassment to some researchers; they feel it is a failure in education, research and practice (Rafferty, Allock, & Lathlean, 1996). Theory is developed from research, but theory and research are taught separately in nursing and then once into practice the two remain separate. A theory practice gap still exists despite the two being viewed as inseparable. So, why have we been unable to close this gap between the two?…show more content…
Nursing theory is aimed to create, validate, and enhance, all by nursing research. It sometimes can be difficult to know what evidence or theory should be used due to the conflict associated with research and nursing theory. At times theories suggest different practices even though both theories are pertaining to the same population of patients. This can be confusing and may lead the nurse to stray away from using either theory and use the practice that the nurse is comfortable with. Theory comes from different practices and is formed for practice, if nurses can gain a better understanding of theory, perhaps nurses can get better use of nursing theories (Rolfe,
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