Sea Witch Vs Beowulf

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In life their come times when we have to make a choice. We as human beings have to make choices depending on the situation; some are good choices, but then there are the bad ones. This free agency that allows us to make our own choices can change the outcome of our lives. In both films on “Beowulf,” our hero had to make an interesting choice. How would you like to become the wealthiest, and well know person in the world in an instant? This the same choice that was bestowed unto Beowulf. In our first film “Beowulf and Grendel,” (2005) Beowulf is sent out to kill Grendel’s mother the Sea Witch. Once upon arriving into the cave where the Sea Witch dwells; the witch attacks Beowulf, and Beowulf kills her. When returning with the news of the death of Grendel’s mother, Beowulf is known throwout Hrothgar’s kingdom as the true Hero of the Danes. Beowulf lives a happy life after this…show more content…
Beowulf walks into the Witch’s cave with intention on killing her, but ends up walking into an attractive, and seductive shape shifter. She then persuades Beowulf into not killing her. The Sea Witch’s offer is that she will make Beowulf an instant king. The only cache is that is Beowulf leaves a dragon horn that was given to him by King Hrothgar, for killing Grendel; and Beowulf leaves her his seed so that she can have another child now that her’s was killed by Beowulf. Beowulf accepts this proposal and upon arrival to Hrothgar’s mead hall he is promised that on Hrothgar’s death, he Beowulf will inherit the kingdom of the Danes. Once Hrothgar finishes with his will, Hrothgar commits suicide. Beowulf is made king instantly, but he feels guilty for the death of Hrothgar, and also that he lied to all the Danes saying he killed the Sea Witch. Beowulf lives on with this guilt until his kingdom is threatened by his child, and also causes the death of him. Beowulf does not die happy in this

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