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Westward Expansion The Westward expansion led our country to expand across the continent. This effected many peoples lives giving great opportunities for money and for families. However, as thousands started to move to the West, Native Americans who lived in the West peacefully were in conflicts with the dramatic changes by the settlers and the results led them to be forcefully removed from their homes. People who migrated to the West to get acres of land for free and start a new life were called settlers. The people who moved to the West wanted to have great opportuities such as jobs for their new lives. While African Americans went to the Promise Land (West) to get away from Jim Crow Laws and to be set free. But to get more people, the federal government encouraged people to settle in the West by passing the Homestead Act. Also, the government offered free land that was 160 acres so people can “Go West” (Document 5). Until 1869, a huge impact led many goods to be sold across the United States. As the West was starting to improve after many years, America finished their first transcontinental railroads and Native Americans were slowly being moved from their land. The railroad was…show more content…
Native Americans were killing many railroad workers to protect their land and made sure no one would take their homes. The government decided to pass the Dawes Act to push assimilation and gave some land to each Native American family. But the act led to more conflicts and resulted to a culture clash because of their differences. The Indians tried to save their land. But, many of them were killed and their population and land decreased(Document 1).Overtime, the Native Americans land was taken away which led them to hard times in the winter and the chief decided to surrender to the United States because he didn’t want to see his people to suffer (Document

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