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A Brahmin man by the name of Siddhartha grows up not knowing how to love like an ordinary person. In the novel Siddhartha by Hesse Hermann, Siddhartha goes through most of his life despising and laughing at ordinary people because they love; with love, comes the consequences of it. To Siddhartha, he felt that was such a funny and childish thing to him. In the later years of his life Siddhartha realizes he cannot go through life not loving. Going through his life never expecting to love like an ordinary person Siddhartha learns to love when he experiences- grief with his son, happiness with himself and the world, and peace with coming to the conclusion that he can love. When Siddhartha first realizes he loves, he experiences grief. Not knowing he even had a son, Siddharth meets his son, Little Siddhartha eleven years after he is born. With the death of his mother,…show more content…
After Vasudeva leaves, Siddhartha takes over his place as a ferryman guiding people across the river. He no longer needs to try to find nirvana because he has attained it. Nirvana is all around him, and he finally realizes that. Siddhartha has found his peace being ferryman, and loving the world around him. In the beginning during his time with his lover Kamala, they both explain to each other their thoughts and feeling toward each other about love. In the novel Siddhartha, he states “Perhaps people like us cannot love. Ordinary people can-that is their secret”(59). Siddhartha thought he could never learn to love like the ordinary people, but as he grew older and has become wiser, he learns that could not stop himself from loving so deeply, especially with his son. After learning to love, faces the repercussion of it, and becomes enlightened; Siddhartha becomes at peace with himself. In the novel he states “Everything is necessary, everything needs on my agreement, me assent, my loving

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