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For long there has been the debate between many followers and non followers of soccer/football as to whether it should be considered a contact sport. Each side having compelling arguments in their favor. Many people claim that the sport is soft and that many players dive to take advantage of poor refereeing. But also exploit not having video replays to alter decisions that referees make. On one hand, I do agree that players do exploit these facets of the game. However, on the other hand, I still insist that having played the sport of soccer, I can say that it is a very physical sport, and contact is a massive part of how it is played. There are many soccer players that put the game into disrepute when they fall over (dive) after seemingly a slight touch from an opposing player. At first look, most of the time there does look like there is contact between players for there to be a foul/free kick. But upon replays being shown, in some cases there is no contact at all but players will fall over as if they have received a serious injury. But as soon as the free kick has been given they often get up and run at…show more content…
However, as mentioned above I have had experience playing soccer. That in itself is an understatement, as I have played soccer for over 10 years. Which has also been at a high level where many other players will use the tactics of ‘diving’ to their advantage wherever possible. In my opinion, what part of the game should not influence an opinion on whether the sport is contact or not. From experience, I can say that I have encountered many injuries from collisions going into tackles. Many of those injuries have put me out from playing for months. One of those injuries was a strained Achilles tendon, from a opposing player tackling me from behind. For a sport in some individual’s opinion that doesn’t involve contact, there was much that occurred in that one

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