Edward Bellamy's Looking Backward

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1. A number of influential writers in the period of 1865 to 1914 discussed the growing gap between wealth and poverty in the United States. The main factor that caused these social, economic and even political changes was industrialization. Factories were growing in size, cities were being urbanized, and jobs were abundant in the prospering economy. However, although America seemed to be flourishing through this ongoing process of industrialization, social divisions intensified mainly due to the large gap created between large owners of industries or rather captains of business and the workers themselves, which were usually found working in harsh conditions, long hours, and low paying jobs. Among the number of influential writers in this time…show more content…
Author of utopian novel, Looking Backward, Bellamy depicts a futuristic America based on his political ideas and led to mass movements of political parties. The novel was commonly said to refer to actual economic and technological developments of the time and the idealistic community described in his literature piece revolved around his idealistic new legal system. In this legal system of Bellamy’s, he attempts to diminish crimes not related to inequality by increasing his idea of socialism and leads to his main theory that, “the nation is the sole employer and…show more content…
The novel that achieved him the most popularity was The Jungle, which portrayed the harsh conditions immigrants endured in our Nation’s industrialized society but the novel most notably exposed the fallacies in the U.S. meat industry along with exposing other various health violations. The book depicts the working class poverty and the unpleasant working conditions of the Era, a depressing topic for many American workers and lead back to the topic of corruption of people in power. Sinclair was therefore defined as a muckraker, a journalist who exposed the corruption of the economy and

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