Walter Mitty Movie Vs Book

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Both the book and the movie have the same idea. Daydreams, Walter Mitty, and some sort of adventure. Some people think the book version of “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” is better because it’s shorter and it talks about war not love in his daydreams. But, a lot more people liked the movie version of “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” better because you can visualize it. One reason that the movie is better than the book is that it has a lot more adventure than the book. For example, in the movie Walter Mitty goes on a real adventure. Not just an adventure in his head. He goes to Greenland, and goes to a bar and takes a risk to jump into a plane with a drunk pilot. Another risky adventure Walter goes on is when he jumps out of the plane, thinking he had to jump from the plane to the ship, where he was supposed to jump from the plane to a lifeboat that was on the other side.…show more content…
They threw his love life and family in there. It’s sweet to see not just adventure, but a love life and family in a movie. Also, in the book the writer made Walter’s wife kind of snotty and you didn’t want to meet that in the movie. For example, Walter’s wife wasn’t happy when Walter was driving without wearing his gloves. An example in the movie would be when Walter gives Cheryl’s son a skateboard that he got on an adventure. Another example would be at the end of the movie, Walter’s mother gives him his wallet back, that he threw in the trash, which had negative 25 in the

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