Walter Mity: Book Vs Movie

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Some readers enjoy the book more than the movie but, The movie clearly is better than the book. The movie includes many humorous and romantic events happening. The movie shows most of these humorous and romantic events in Walter’s daydreams. The movie was also full of action. Walter daydreamed about Sheryll and daydreamed about things that don’t normally happen in everyday life. Walter daydreamed about jumping on a helicopter by having Sheryll sing to him because of the drunken pilot. The movie of Walter Mitty is better than the book also because some people don’t really enjoy reading. Some people enjoy listening or watching a movie instead of spending time on reading a book that they could just watch instead of read. Why would they make a movie of the book if people didn’t want to see the movie instead of read the book. Most movies could even describe the book better in detail of all that happened in the book.…show more content…
The movie also has a different way to look at Walter Mitty’s life. It shows how Walter Mitty is a funny adventurous person and not a boring person to be around. Many people also might enjoy the movie more because there are daydreams that seem like normal life. For example; When Walter was in the elevator and the new guy with the beard walked in and asked Walter what his job was. Walter was daydreaming about the guy’s beard and he didn’t realize he was being asked a question because he was thinking about how the beard would look better on someone

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