Walmart Issues In The Workplace Essay

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Walmart mistreats its workers. Walmart Stores Inc. was founded in 1962 as a local variety store and it grew into the world’s largest private company with more than 11,500 stores worldwide and nearly 4000 in the USA. The company employs more than 2.2 million workers, In the USA Walmart employs 1.4 million workers, and it is the largest private employer in the country. It makes the company the biggest employer on the planet after the Department of Defense and Chinese army (Snyder). But the biggest company in the world is also big for poor treatment of its employees. Cheating on worker’s timesheets working time became for Walmart a routine practice, as well as the payouts to affected employees. In the year 2000, Walmart paid $50 million to 69,000 former and then current employees in Colorado that worked off-the-clock. Store managers forced workers to clean the store after they clocked out. This is systematic Walmart’s behavior, cheating on employees over-time pay and cheating on hours worked. Just to name a few settlements: In 2008 $54.25…show more content…
Over two-thirds of hourly waged Walmart’ employees are women, but only one-third of salaried workers are women. Women also earn less than men while holding the same positions. For example, women working hourly positions, earned on average $1100 a year less than men. The situation is much worse within management positions, where the gap between men and women is $14,500 on average. When it comes to promoting its employees, Walmart also discriminates women at a big scale. Among managerial positions, including upper management and store management, women are unequally represented when compared with men. Here is some facts about gender distribution within upper management : Regional VP – 10%, District Manager – 9.8%, Store Manager – 14.3%, Store Co-Manager – 23%, Store Assistant Manager – 35.7%, and only at Management Trainee position women are close to men – 41.3%

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