Comparison Of Ethnography And Dark Days

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Ethnography and Dark days has many similar and different view when it comes to homeless. With Ethnography we could imagin what kinds of obsticule they have to overcome, and how they live their lives everyday. In Dark days we see the reality of what they have to go through, especially the conditions they are living in. It is tough seeing and imagining the lives they are going through. Some similaritis that they both have is that they are addicted to something. In Spradley’s book, he mentions that all the tramps are alcholics, which is the reason why they are a huge target when it comes to arresting. On the movie “The Dark Days” someone mentions that 80% of them are addicted to crack, the rest are addictec to something else. Another similarity is that in one point in their lives they have all gone to jail, Spradley mentions…show more content…
While “Dark Days”, the people prefer to stay underground in the tunnels and have made small shacks for them to stay in. Another difference is that some tramps from Spradley’s book likes to go to jail becuas they have a place to sleep there, w hile dark days try to avoid it. Another difference is that in “Dark Days” they have companions, many of the people there have pets like dogs, cats, birds, even gerbils. In Spradley’s book the tramps are alone, they don’t want any companions. Another difference is that by the end of the book, the tramps are still getting sent to jail, they believe that they are being sent there because jail is short on trustees, while the end of “Dark Days” the people got kicked out and ended up having their own apartments, not living as a homeless. Although we don’t know what happen to every person in both “Dark Days” and “You owe yourself a drunk” we should learn that homeless people deserve to be treated with respect and

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