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In the 2006 film, Pan’s Labyrinth, there are many aspects of magic realism. Creatures like a fawn, a pale man, and fairies are very much present in the movie. The main character, Ofelia, was a girl that died at a young age who dreamt up all these magical creatures. The Captain, an antagonist in the film, is the leader of a force that is trying to put down a rebellion in 1944, Spain. He faces two rebellions in his path; the actual war and Ofelia’s great imagination. Even though this well thought out film was in another language, one can still see the struggles for each character to maintain control on their situation, whether it came to protecting their or protecting their loved ones. Both the Captain and Ofelia were fighting for their own future to be great. With Ofelia’s dreamt up characters, she was able to escape the terrors of war like A.O. Scott in his review “In Gloom…show more content…
Escaping to the mythical world of her imagination, she had met dangerous and helpful creatures that represented life on the outside. When she had encountered The Pale Man, she disobey the fawn by eating grapes that awakened him. This is like the relationship between her mother and the captain. Ofelia’s mother had told her to stop acting so childish and that in these times of war, there was no room for acts like that. The captain then found her with the mythical root under her mother’s bed and was very unpleased; almost as unpleased he was when he found out that members of his own staff were helping the people in the woods who were fighting the captain. For being in the Spanish language, Pan’s Labyrinth was actually pretty easy to understand; actors in the film helped people grasp the idea of war time by having battles in the movie.

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