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Nicholas Page Miss Sibbach English IV 11 December, 2015 Can you consider Victor God in Frankenstein Through the perception of the book Frankenstein, many people question if Victor is God. Able to create life made people think he played God in “Frankenstein”. The scientific and technological studies had made it possibly for Victor to create life. He leaves the creature on its own and had to grow up and learn how to survive on his own. Victor being able to create a creature makes a conflict in religious beliefs, in Christianity, God is the only one who can create human life and destroy it. By creating this creature it cost some of his closes family members and his future wife their lives. When Victor was little his parents were very good to…show more content…
Victor ran away from his home after seeing the terrifying creature he created. The creature walked around trying to find a place to fit in but everyone was afraid of him. The creature was very smart but had no one to teach him how to live on his own. “The creature develops his own sense of morality without the influence of religion or the creator mythology. His standards are human and reactionary, based solely on the senses of “pleasure and pain”, yet they are crucial and significant to his development” (Analysis). This shows how the creature developed on his own without anyone helping him survive. To get back at Victor for leaving him, he strangles his little brother William and frames Justine for the murder by putting the locket William had on the night of the murder. The creature does this knowing that Victor will come back home. Victor hears the news and has an idea on actually committed the murder. He comes home to Geneva to find out who actually committed the murder. When he gets home he sees the creature off in the distance. Justine gets put on trial and is convicted of the murdered and soon executed. Victor did not want to tell the court he made a monster and that killed his brother because he thought they would think he was crazy. Time goes by and Victor decides to marry his dream girl Elizabeth. Victor confronts the creature for the first time since he saw him and ran from him. The creature ask for a companion so he would not be alone anymore and tells Victor if he does not agree he will regret his decision. Victor agrees and goes to start creating the companion. While he is making the creature he decides to destroy the creature. He made the decisions based off of what his previous creature did by killing some of his closes family members. He tells the creature he is not going to make him a companion. The creature gets very mad and kills Elizabeth days before their wedding

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