One For My Baby By Twyla Tharp Essay

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In 1984 the ballet number, “One For My Baby [And One More For The Road] choreographed by Twyla Tharp and music by Frank Sinatra, was essentially a part of Tharp’s ballet conjunction ' the “Sinatra Suite.” It was performed in worldwide theatre's along with eight other ballet pieces to Sinatra’s classical songs. They were all performed by lead dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov. Who is also well-known for his prestigious dancing in the movie “White Nights” with Gregory Hines. In addition, Mikhail remarkable dancing can be seen in many dance performances from the American Theatre’s “The Nutcracker” to even the hit television show “Sex in the City.” My interpretation of Mikhail Baryshnikov’s performance in Twyla Tharp’s ballet piece “One For My Baby [And One For The Road] is breathtaking and inspirational. Mikhail dances with poise across the stage, however to the viewers it…show more content…
If you pay close attention you can see Mikhail. As he occasionally looks as if he had one too many drinks. Even though, he remained consistent through out the entire performance. The scene is set at night, as fall leaves appear on the ground at the beginning of the performance.The ambience is dull with only minimal lighting, representing stars. As Mikhail can be seen getting comfortable, by the loosening of his bow-tie. There was only one exit and entrance, which was through an arched door.The scene coordinates with the mood sadness accurately. However, my only disapproval is towards the amount of props used. A suit jacket was the only prop used in the solo dance “One for My Baby [And one for the road]” with Mikhail Baryshnikov as he took it off too relax and picked it up too exit. In my opinion the jacket could have been used through out the entire dance, or other props could have been used to set the scene in a

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