Erin Hunter's Warriors

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The book “Warriors” ‘s author is Kate Cary, who born in Nov. 4, 1967. Her pen name is Erin Hunter. “Warriors” is a book about the nature cats that live in the wild. They separate themself into a few clans, and they set up their own camp to live. The story begins with a kitty pet named Fire paw. Fire paw is the first cat that is chosen by the wild cat’s god, the star clan. Even though no one in the clan likes him, everybody think that he is an alien, too weak for the wild, and they think he will betray the clan some day. Although those cats think him in that way, he still bears with it. He wants to use his actions to show them that he is not weak for the wild, he will never betray to the clan, and he will become the best warrior in the clan.…show more content…
They are Thunder clan, Shadow clan, Wind clan, and River clan. The place, which those clans live, is in suburbs. The suburbs have deciduous woodland, conifers, farm, and marsh there. Inside the clan, there are the LEADERS DEN which is a small cave under High rock where the leader makes speeches, MEDICINE CATS DEN is a place small clearing with nests for medicine cats and patients, herb storage underneath the rock to keep the herbs moist, WARRIORS DEN, APPRENTICES DEN, NURSERY, and ELDERS DEN. Every full moon day, all the clans will come together to the Druid’s Hollow to have a meeting. When a clan gets a new leader, the leader will have to get to the disused mine cave to get their 9 lives. The story begins with a kitty pet that named Fire paw. It is the first cat that wants to become a wild cat in the wood. When he walks in to the forest for the first time. He meets a leader of a clan, Blue star. She asks Fire paw to join the clan. Fire paw accept it. He goes back to his old home to say goodbye to all his kitty pets’ friends. In P28, “ Fire paw found himself enjoying the morning even more than usual, visiting his old haunts with Smudge, sharing words with the cats he had grown up with. Everyone of his senses felt supercharged, as if he were poised…show more content…
Later, Fire paw and his two friends get a graduate test to become a warrior. Tiger claw sends Fire paw to the hunting area, which is the most close to the human camps. Between the test, Fire paw meets his kitty pet friend. They have a little conversation talk about each other, then Fire paw return to the camp. From P133, “ When Blue star saw Fire paw she stood up and looked steadily down at him. ‘Tiger claw has told me that he saw you talking with a cat from the human camp today,’ she meowed quietly.’” That is the first trouble, which Tiger claw gets for Fire paw. At last, Fire paw promises that he has never miss his old life then Blue star doesn’t suspect him. After a fell month, Fire paw hears that Tiger claw is trying to kick one of his friend, Raven paw out of the clan. This is on P 222-223, “ ‘ Raven paw, I heard Tigerclaw telling Dark stripe and Long tail that you betrayed Thunder Clan. He told them you slipped away during the trip to Mother mouth and told Shadow Clan that the camp was unguarded.’ Raven paw spun

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