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According to BBC News report, there were thousands of protester marching on the street of Iguala. The protesters demanding justice for the 43 missing student who were abducted by drug gang on September 26, 2014. The police did not protect the students, but instead they handed them to the drug gang. After a year since the event happened, the student’s families wants the government to give them an answer. Furthermore, the article said, “43 students were missing and 2 of the student’s remain was found in a rubbish dump.” Since the remaining 41 student’s body haven’t been found, the government still has hope to find them. Here’s couple reason why the government needs to find justice for the students. Mexico have many tragic histories and today…show more content…
By finding the truth of the 43 missing student, the people of Mexico will restore faith in humanity. If the government remain silent, many more students will be targeted. In Vanity Fair news, the author stated “the nursery fire quickly took its place in the timeline of mass tragedies in Mexico…..After it came the massacre of 72 migrant….. And now the 43 students missing and presumed dead.” Mexico has couple remembering event that involve a sad tragedies of a big group of people. The people of Mexico are tired of all these tragedies events, they are angry, and willing to fight till the end for an answer. Through all these fatal events, the government did not do any justice for their people. The 43 missing student’s family has the right to fight for their…show more content…
The president needs to take serious action to do justice for the 43 missing student. The students has been missing for a year, and there’s still no trace of evidence about the student’s life condition. The most important evident that the government has is the mayor and his wife. In ABC news, the gang leader said “the mayor’s wife was the main operator of criminal activities and got payouts of 2,000,000 to 3,000,000 pesos as a bribe.” This resource is a great piece of evidence for the investigation. The mayor and his wife probably are part or knew the whole process of the abduction; they will not fled if they are not guilty. The 43 missing students has a bright future behind them. “The 43 students who vanished on Sept. 26 were all enrolled at the Ayotzinapa teachers’ college.” Fusion said in ABC news. Now a day, many teenagers have the potential to be the next leader in the future. The 43 students were trying to protest their thoughts, but yet their life was put in danger. If the government cannot protect the people, the world will be a chaos. As a result, young adults will not dare to show their potentials, because simply knowing too much will danger their

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