Vampires Vs Zombies Research Paper

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Throughout our lives we have been told many stories and folktales that people often usually believe. Two examples of these folktales that have been told over time are vampires and zombies. As the years have passed new stories have been created on how they came to be and how they are involved in our lives. These mysterious creatures have evolved over time and are seen anywhere from movies to books. Vampires and zombies are two relatable monsters they have some unique similarities however they also have quite a few differences. Vampires and Zombies are two mysterious creatures that we will never fully understand but we do know that they are not completely the same. One thing that Vampires differ from zombies is the time period in which…show more content…
It is said that the vampire may originate from a repressed memory we had as primates that at some point we were cannibalistic. As stated in vampires never die, “The creature seems to be as old as Babylonia and Sumer. Or even older” (del Toro and Hogan 292). The time of when zombies came to be is stated by Parker, “And not yet until 1968 at the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, did the zombie as we know him really make the scene” (298). However, the first appearance of the zombie was not expected until 1919 a year after World War I. These statements from the stories show the gap in time between when zombies were first discovered and when vampires were discovered. Time periods isn’t the only thing that these monsters differ in, there purpose with us is another thing. “The vampire does not seek to obliterate us, but instead offers a peculiar brand of blood alchemy” (del Toro and Hogan 292). This statement from vampires never die shows that vampires don’t want to kill us they want to give us a new beginning with eternal youth. The vampire wants to transform ourselves into our eternal selves where monsters focus what is mortal in us and create a lust within us a…show more content…
As time passed both monsters got widely known and started to appear everywhere. For example, as stated in vampires never die “Now, vampires simultaneously occur in all forms and tap into our every need: soap opera storylines, sexual liberation, noir detective fiction, etc.” (del Toro and Hogan 293). Vampires actually received a lot of recognition for one particular piece of film named “Dracula”. Like vampires, zombies also appear in various forms of entertainment. “Video gamers are mowing down fresh multitudes of zombies with a fervor undimmed by habit” (Parker 299) and “AMC’s zombie series, The Walking Dead – the DVD of which is released this month - was the surprise cable smash of last year” (parker 299). You may also find zombies somewhere else according to Parker, “He’s the one who rides the best-seller lists and consumes pop unconscious, whose titles spatter the humor section of your local bookstore” (299). Another thing these two monsters have in common is that they are both derived from folklores. As stated in vampires never die, “John William Polidori stitched together folklore, personal resentment and erotic anxieties into “The Vampyre,” a story that is the basis for vampires as they are understood today” (del Toro and Hogan 292). Like the vampire, the zombie is also derived from an old folklore told by the people of Haiti. As stated in “our zombies,

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