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Cane Toads solutions? Cane Toads are viewed as one of Australia’s severe pests, while the locals want Cane Toads to be completely eradicated. There are many different methods and ideas for the ultimate goals which is the extinction of Cane Toads. These methods can be categorised into: local and charitable, state and national. Local and charitable methods are commonly viewed as short term solutions which prevent the spread of the pests. These methods are also based individually and are not extensive in their requirements, there include: Traps and attractants; this technique includes designing traps according to environments that the Toads are commonly found in, this then lures the toads into the traps. A few examples of environments that toads…show more content…
These are used to protect wildlife and flora from being harmed as well as preventing the spread. This method works best with natural features including cliff lines, mountains, and deserts. However, it doesn’t work as well in flatter, moist environments as more fencing needs to be installed which is more expensive. Overall, this technique works best in mountain habitats. A bounty scheme according to the dictionary means a reward or payment, generally given by a government for an act deemed beneficial to the state, such a killing predatory animals.’ This can be used as an act to remove the Cane toads; however, Cane toads reproduce faster than this process can be carried out. Also it’s not a pleasant process of actively killing the amphibians and therefore does not give enough reason that this procedure should be recommended. Another popular strategy involves limiting the supplies and access to the supplies which therefore controls the Cane toad population. This is commonly done through removal of popular small water outlets or plants which encourage insects for the Cane toads to eat. These strategies are very good on an individual and local level as the government is not needed to intervene. This process will not eliminate the entire population; however it will decrease the population in that particular…show more content…
These short term approaches include removing eggs from breeding areas or removing mature toads from residential areas. A long term approach includes the funding to support the National Cane Toad Taskforce. This is a group which, collects information, suggest strategies, provides knowledge and scientific research to further benefit Australia. South Australia has created a few measures to help solve the Cane Toad overpopulation. Some of these ideas have included: A state declaration, meaning the Cane Toad is now recognised as a state pest. They provide a fact sheet including information about the Toad and how to prevent them, this is for the locals to identify and report any findings. They also have competitions and rewards individuals who have developed successful traps. Western Australia has taken a financial approach to contribute to the answer to the Cane Toad problem. The government has allocated $600,000 for the control of the Cane Toad in 2004, $1 million in the following finical year. Also, the government supported community-based groups and campaigns with a combined $1 million. An additional way the government supports the movement is through scientific research. This research is used to find more effective and ethical ways of removing the

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