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Introduction A hint of yore, a touch of modern era and the nostalgic atmosphere at Wigwam motel, San Bernardino, California makes it the perfect stop on route 66 for families, motorists and tourists alike. Built in 1947 at the start of auto camping craze, to aid locals and tourists that chose to travel via roads in automotive rather than trains has had several glorious days of prosperity and fame. The wigwam motel is a classic remnant of the bygone days of route 66 but it is still a goto place for those hoping to live and experience the history and heritage. Wigwam motel earned its name from the peculiar shape of its guest rooms. The tipi structure of each individual unit was mistakenly called wigwam, and since the motel is a collection…show more content…
The individual separations of each room provides privacy and customised experience for each stay. Each guest room consists of a main room and a bathroom that includes toilet, sink and shower. Free parking for a car is provided per guest room with individual car pavements. Frank A. Redford, an enthusiast in the collection of Native American artefacts designed these villages by adding tepee-structured motels around his museum-cum-shop that stored precious artefacts. The original design of these motels also included a symbol, swastika, which at the time was associated with good luck. Wigwam motel in Rialto/San Bernardino, was not built with the intension of using it as a franchise, but as a personal guesthouse for Frank himself. Apart from the nineteen structures, a twentieth base is also present on site as a sign of unfinished…show more content…
Some rooms include beds with wagon-wheel headboards while others offer extra seating areas. The variety of guest rooms available is ideal to be tailored into the needs of customers based on size of group and duration of stay. An extra bed can be added for a mere $10. Cable TV and free wifi is a modern touch added to these rooms but telephones were omitted to maintain the ruggedness of the past. Attractions - In and around Wigwam motel A swim at the large pool is an excellent way to start the day, followed by a long walk to San Bernardino History & Railroad Museum to learn about the history of railroads and model trains. A fine dining experience at Victoria gardens and an outdoor barbecue is a pleasant day to refuel at Wigwam motel. The Wigwam motel has a stunning gift shop to take home a souvenir that brings back nostalgic memories of this unparalleled motel. The peace and quiet offered by Wigwam motel could invoke creativity and contemplation that might be much needed by writers, poets or authors with a writers

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