Unsafe In The House Essay

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Living conditions are unsafe for the children living at 93 Little Hobart Street, Welch, West Virginia. There is no bathroom, they use a bucket to use the bathroom and then someone has to empty it out. There is also no sewer system, or running water. The ceiling is black with soot, the ceiling is leaking, there is also a hole in the ceiling, therefore making it unsafe to walk upstairs, and they also have to be careful that the ceiling does not fall on them. There’s mold everywhere in the house, including black mold, which is unsafe for the air quality of the house. There are also rotted steps, making them not be able to walk up the steps, or they just have to be very careful not to fall through either into the steps or through the floor. The children living in the house are Lori, age 16, Jeannette, age 13, Brian, age 12, and Maureen, age 8. Along with their mother and father, Rex and Rose Mary Walls (Walls). Lori was the first child that was interviewed. All throughout the interview, she was showing aggravation towards the Child Protective Services. She stated that her life at home is fine, and that she’s used to moving around, but they’ve stayed in the house they are currently in for a while now.…show more content…
If the children were all placed in foster care, they would obtain all of those needs. The parents do not even act like parents towards their children. Even the most basic needs, the kids do not have from their own parents. For example, physiological needs are needed for survival. Such as a house, food, water, sleep, etc. The parents provide housing for the children, except that the house is an extremely unsafe environment for them. Since there is barely any income, the children sometimes do not have food. Also, all of the children sleep on the same bed. Which all four of them should have their own bed and attention, and their own

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