Things Fall Apart Character Analysis Essay

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In Chinua Achebe’s book, Things Fall Apart, one is tossed through Okonkwo’s life, and given perspective on the hardship he and the Ibo faced. Okonkwo is portrayed as a victim up until his excruciating fate. Okonkwo’s father kept him at the bottom; giving him the strength that would later destroy him. Okonkwo had a recurring ogbanji curse on his favorite daughter. Okonkwo’s status was torn to shreds. Okonkwo’s eldest so was stolen from his grasp. Okonkwo was finally pushed over the edge when the white men took over. Okonkwo was first exposed to the victimization he experienced throughout his life at a very young age. As a child, Okonkwo was heavily influenced by his own father, Unoka. “Okonkwo did not have the start in life which many young…show more content…
“This man told [Okonkwo] that the child was an ogbanji, one of those wicked children who, when they died, entered their mothers’ wombs to be born again.” (Achebe, 77). Ekwefi gave birth to ten children, all of whom died before their third year of life. All but one, that is. Okonkwo’s favorite daughter, Ezinma was the only child with Ekwefi who lived past the age of three. Though she lived, she was continuously sick until a medicine man found the root of her ogbanji. “All this had happened more than a year ago and Ezinma has not been ill since. And then suddenly she had begun to shiver in the night.” (Achebe, 85). Though Okonkwo thought his daughter was healed, years later the curse arised once more and continued to torment Okonkwo. Okonkwo was personally victimized through his family, as well as his fellow…show more content…
“Before he had gone to bed he had brought down his war dress…” (Achebe, 199). Through the hardest trials, Okonkwo always strived to act upon his most heroic, warrior instincts. He protected his family and clan at all cost to his greatest extent. “Then they came to the tree from which Okonkwo’s body was dangling…” (Achebe, 207). Along with his lifelong heroism, Okonkwo was finally brought down by a mere man. The fiercest warrior in all of Umofia had finally shown his cowardice in his last moments. Through it all, Okonkwo was a victim in life and in death. Okonkwo, in Achebe’s Things Fall Apart, is a victim who desperately tried to fight until he could no longer. He started with nothing but a fear of weakness. Okonkwo was cursed with an ogbanji child. Okonkwo was forced into exile. He was betrayed by his own son. He was torn down by the missionaries. As one follows the life and death of Okonkwo, they begin to wonder: what really led to Okonkwo’s

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