Royal Acquaintances Memi And Sabu

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“The Royal Acquaintances Memi and Sabu,” is an Egyptian statue that was originated from Giza, Egypt. This magnificent statue is made with limestone, and measures at a height of around 24.4 inches and a width of around 9.6 inches.“The Royal Acquaintances Memi and Sabu,” dates all the way back to the Fourth Dynasty of the Old Kingdom (roughly between 2575 to 2465 B.C). This statue can be seen and is currently located in Gallery 103 of the Egyptian Art section at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The sculptor of this statue is unknown, but was purchased from Louis Stern in 1948 for a nice amount of money. “The Royal Acquaintances Memi and Sabu,” has qualities that seem to negate the patterns observed in its time period of the 4th dynasty, which makes this beautiful piece of art so unique.…show more content…
Pair statues from this era, are often constituted of married couples, however, Memi and Sabu are recorded as “Royal Acquaintances” (related to the king). There are hieroglyphics on the bottom of the statue, which imply and state that Memi (male) and Sabu (female) are in fact not married. As you look at the statue one can observe that Sabu has her left hand around Memi’s waist, while Memi covers her left breast with his left hand showing their intimate relationship. Both Memi and Sabu have short hair, with large round symmetrical faces, full cheeks, big lips, and wide

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