Latase Enzyme Lab Report

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A Study of the Productivity of the Lactase enzyme subjected to varied Temperature Conditions Background information: Enzymes are biological catalysts that can speed up chemical reactions and lower the activation energy. For example, lactase is an enzyme that speeds up the hydrolysis reaction of breaking up lactose and lowers its activation energy. Lactase breaks lactose into its two monosaccharides, glucose and galactose; both 6-sided monosaccharides. Lactose is a sugar found in milk as well as many other dairy products and is the substrate in the reaction. To digest lactose, the lactase enzyme reduces the energy needed for the hydrolysis of the disaccharides into its two simple sugars. Enzymes, such as lactose, are proteins and can be…show more content…
I could have brought the milk to the top of the line on the pipette rather than trying to line it up to the bottom of the meniscus which was unclear to see. Touching the glucose test tape indicator with hands 2 This could cause inaccuracy in the results as tweezers must be used when dealing with the glucose test tape. Use tweezers at all times and try not to touch or drop the glucose test tape anywhere. Keep away from surroundings. Time taken to compare 1 As the glucose test tape package directs, it takes 1 minute for the glucose test tape indicator to dry in order to be able to compare the results with the colors given. About 1-2 of the strips need 2 minutes to change color as they were more of a faint bluish color at first. The trial could have been repeated or 2 glucose test strips could have been used for that test tube after the 5 minutes had elapsed. This would have to be done immediately after the 5 minutes by dipping 2 test tapes into the lactase/milk solution to use the one that changed color in 1 minute.

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