Video Games Can Never Be Art Summary

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Do you play video games? Whether you play video games or not, I want to know what you think about it. In your opinion, are video games considered as art? What is your definition of art? I think art is any form of human expression. Roger Ebert, on the other hand doesn’t agree. His definition of art is usually the creation of one artist. With that being said, who is considered an artist? In Ebert’s debate about video games not being an art, he uses a lot of strong emotional appeal, no logical evidence; therefor he has very weak ethical appeal and makes an unconvincing argument. The author uses weak emotional appeal, which weakens his ethical appeal. In “Video games can never be art,” Roger Ebert states that, “the three games she chooses as examples do not raise my hopes for a video game that will deserve my attention long enough to play it” (Ebert). He also states “they are, I…show more content…
Through his strong emotional and weak ethical appeal, I was able to see that Ebert is not a reliable source on video games. In his argument, I felt like he was only speaking through his judgments. Ebert didn’t provide any logical evidence to his debate, which makes me not trust his authority. It also made me wonder if he knows what he is talking about. I still feel like Ebert should have given a couple of data and statics to back up his argument, but I don’t believe that there are any logic to why video games can never be art. I also think that no one could prove that it is or is not. It is just all based on how you view video games and what your definition of art is. I believe that everyone has a different opinion, and a different point of view. No one should judge something before they even try it. Like the term “don’t judge a book by its cover,” because you’ll never really know until you

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