Unit 2 P2 Explain The Benefits Of E-Commerce

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Task 2 (P2) Explain the impact of introducing an e – commerce system to an organisation Benefits of e commerce: The benefit of the e commerce is that the customer is able to shop anytime because of eliminating the limitation of when a store is open or not making it open 24 hours for anyone to shop. This is also good for the customer making less time shopping in the store in the day and use that time useful by doing something productive in the day. This would also be benefit the business as it doesn’t need to be in the store or in front of the computer to process the order. Another benefit is that you can get the cheapest deals online then going to the store making the customer get the best price and easy for them to compare side to side with other products. Low start-up and running costs for…show more content…
Drawback of e commerce: Lack of human contact can make it hard for customers to speak to any representative from the business. This would also be difficult for the customers to try on clothes for the right size or the way it looks on them before they are able to buy it. Delivery issues can be annoying to most people compared to traditional way we use to shop that we are able to take what we have brought home immediately without any problems and now due online we need to wait for your online purchase to be delivered to your house. Product description problems can affect the customers that whatever they read on e-commerce site might not be 100% accurate to real product. Another factor is that it would be difficult identify colours due to different computers system displaying colours slightly differently. Some e-commerce websites can exaggerate their descriptions of their products to convince customers to buy

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