Radiology Technician Research Paper

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Radiology is a very popular field to enter right now. Over the past few years this area of the medical field has been rapidly growing and drawing more people in. Employment for radiology technicians is expected to grow 21% in the next 15 years. (source 2) Radiology promises a steady job and a promising future. Because the field for radiology technicians is always growing, there will always be more to learn and new ways to use the specific skills that you acquire at this job. People of all ages work this job. There are a lot of younger people that work this job since it has recently started to become more popular but this job is possible for people of all ages. Anyone who sets their mind to it can have this job in a matter of a few short years.…show more content…
This image can be displayed along any axis of the body. These MRI images are very detailed and precise which allows physicians normally to quickly and easily diagnose a patient. This is accomplished by a lot of extremely strong magnetic fields. These fields are up to four times the strength of the earth's magnetic field, radio pulses and extremely sophisticated computers. MRI scans provide the most detailed images of blood vessels and tissue while also being the safest way. MRIs do not expose the patient to ionizing radiation. MRI techs a required to have a very well rounded and complete understanding of the diagnostic imaging machines they operate. It is also crucial for the MRI techs to have good bed side manner and compassion for the patients they are working with. Some scans can take a total of 90 minutes and they require a patient to lay completely still. If the patients move at all the images will be distorted and unusable. MRIs are known for making people claustrophobic and bringing feelings of anxiety. The ability to keep patients calm before, during, and after the scan is a huge part of having this job and being successful at it. The machines are also very loud which makes some patients nervous and anxious. Headphones or earplugs can be permitted depending on the type of machine. Since it is so loud it is often difficult to hear requests or questions from the patient, so it very important to address everything before the go in for the scan. The magnetic field

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