Undies And Self-Identity In Nicola Barker's G-String

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Undies and Self-Identity: A Look at Nicola Barker’s “G-String” Nicola Barker’s “G-String” explores the pressures cultural society places on women and how one woman pushes back. The story discusses how the protagonist Gillian fails to get the respect she deserves from society and particularly her love interest Mr. Kip. As she tries to enhance her self-image and become a modern woman, she complies in the choice to wear a thong. The underwear is a symbol for trying to fit-in no matter how uncomfortable (literally) it can be. Gillian changes the meaning of the symbol and grows stronger and more confident in herself. “G-String” is a story that explores self-confidence in women and how society causes women to make sacrifices in order to assimilate. This story concludes with the message that self-perception controls how much confidence a person has. Nicola Barker talks a lot about social sciences in her…show more content…
To conclude the story, Gillian realizes her true identity when she takes out her knife, rips off her underwear and manages to get her and Mr. Kip back on the road. When she swipes Mr. kips hand away she feels good knowing he wants her now that she is being her true self. Mr. Kip does not deserve Gillian with all the negativity and disrespect he had shown her. Gillian is a character that people can relate to. A lost person trying to blend in. Every woman goes through a period where she tries to identify who she really is. The author makes everyone love her and see a piece of themselves in Gillian. The identity of a person comes from their surroundings, nevertheless sometimes they go too far and they conform into someone like everyone else. In this process, they lose themselves. They must again search as Gillian does for their true identity. Self-perception should not be found or looked at by seeing what everyone else is doing. Everyone should be proud of being their own unique

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