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(I hear their rumbling stomachs. I see their dirt stained faces. I can’t ignore their sad, pleading eyes as they hold up a sign saying, “Help me I need work to feed family”.) Homeless people are most disenfranchised people in contemporary American society most of the time from misfortune, but one-third of homeless people have some form of mental abnormality. Today in American society there’s a notable increase in the number of mental ill homeless in the United States. Additionally it’s one of the top three reasons that people are homeless other than some misfortune or natural disaster. Mental disease often results in caregivers, family, and friends driving away their loved ones to not have to deal with the constant medical expenses. As a result…show more content…
In a nonfiction novel, Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand, World War Two veterans often suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder causing them to have difficulties adjusting into day-to-day life. Accounts of post-traumatic stress have in recent years increased with soldiers returning from fighting in Iraq and Iran. It is important to realize that post-traumatic stress affects one in eight soldiers that have returned from Iraq and Iran keeping them from basic daily functions and restricting them from providing for themselves and their families. Hillenbrand describes how the flashbacks that the soldiers experienced often ruined their lives and how “[c]oming home was an experience of profound, perilous aloneness” (349). They felt alone because their family and friends often shunned them, leaving them to deal with the painful flashbacks about their dead comrades and experiences.(They often told of hearing their comrades and feeling their experiences sharp as a knife.) Similarly, today we try to treat the mentally ill but too often do we ignore the problem and leave them to fight through these terrible experiences. How can we mistreat the men and in later years women that have fought so hard to protect us? People are mistreating soldiers by not helping them, by not fighting to save them from themselves, and by leaving them to fight these horrible experiences…show more content…
My brother is autistic, and I have seen that people mistreat those with the disease by ridiculing them. I remember one (hot summer’s day in middle school) I was at the pool with a girl in my class, and she pointed out a special needs boy was playing in the water. She to my face ridicules this boy because he was different and continued to do so even after I had her meet my brother. I thought her meeting my brother would make a difference, but it didn’t stop her from making fun of that boy who couldn’t help that he was different. Hate is not the answer; hate is never the answer. This mistreatment of others who can’t control how they are happen every day in American society. No matter how much we try, we can't stop the mistreatment it will always

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