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Roman Yelisyeyev Megan Novell English 1510 23 February 2015 Unbroken No war has brought joy and happiness, but pain and suffer of many people. One of the many people who had it all was Louis Zamperini , who was both an Olympic distance runner, he was a hope and symbol for many Americans, and pacific prisoner of war, who first had to survive the airplane crash and after the torture by Japanese. An incredible life story was captured by equally brilliant writer, Laura Hillenbrand, in a breathtaking story, “Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption”. Laura has composed only two…show more content…
On the rescue mission, the plane crashed over the Pacific Ocean, Only three men survived the crash, Louis, Phil, and Mac. Its incredible how three people faced with the same challenge react to it so differently. Mac was screaming that they all are going to die, and there was no point to live, when Louis wanted to live more than anything, and he kept them organized, talked with them to keep the brain active, if he would not, they would lose their minds before they would die from starvation.. They survived on the raft for 47 days, eating fish and using albatrosses pieces as bait, and drinking rainwater they collected. They had to survive storm, Japanese plane that rained them with bullets, and attacks of the vicious sharks. On the 47th day the boat rescued them. It was not a rescue, they were captured by Japanese, and…show more content…
But shortly after the war, he found redemption. Louis became a Christian inspirational speaker, and dedicated his life to the God, as he promised it during the storm at sea. Unbroken is a great story that shows resilience of human spirit. Zamperini went through the hardships that most of us would not see it in the worst nightmares. His body was tortured, Japanese doctors conducted experiments on him, he was starved to nearly death, but his spirit grew stronger and stronger, nothing could break him. Later in his life he went back to Japan, to meet his guards, he forgave them all, even after all the pain they made, as God forgave all the people that mistreated

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