Ultrasound Technician Research Paper

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Horrifically after a catastrophic accident on the highway, multiple people are injured with broken bones. They come into the hospital and it is my job to x-ray them and tell them what is going on. While my job will be stressful at times, my ability to help others, the skills I will gain through college, and my relentless pursuit of perfection will make this such a rewarding career. Helping people is something I love, and I want to incorporate that into a job. That’s why becoming an Ultrasound Technician is something I want to pursue, because, I have the heart for working in the medical field. I love helping people in need of assistance, and I will be constantly using my skills every day on the job. I need to attend Saint Francis College because of their hands on training, in order for me to effectively help people,…show more content…
Instead of being unsure about a procedure, the teacher makes sure you fully understand and you know what you are doing before you do the procedure on a patient. I know that this program will help me better my skills and understanding about Radiologic Technology so I am prepared for a real job. One of the reasons I want to pursue this program is because I have the heart for working in the medical field. Directly working with patients that are in need of assistance and knowing I can help them is something I find very rewarding. I love working with people because I want to make a positive difference in their lives. They are depending on me for answers and solutions as soon as they walk through the hospital doors. My attention to detail will aid me in making sure I don’t miss anything. Nothing in the world feels better than seeing the smile on someone’s face after you have helped

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