Mara Dyer: A Brief Summary

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In the last half of Mara Dyer, a lot of the focus is on the intensity of the situation. Mara Dyer's strange encounters keep getting stranger, and she becomes more and more convinced that her supposedly dead ex boyfriend Jude is behind it all. I've talked a lot about this book in previous book journals, but since the last journal quite a bit has happened. We left off at Mara trying to figure out what's going on with all these creepy signs, like pictures in her bag of her sleeping, or messages written on her mirror in blood. She continues with the New Horizons program, and her family believes that she's doing better. But then her entire life shifts from bad to terrible. She funds her journal in her brother's room. She doesn't remember receiving this journal, much less writing in it, and yet she finds the words 'help…show more content…
He immediately makes plans to cut his trip short and come home. However, he never makes it in time. Mara goes into her room and finds a disc on her bed. Obviously curious, she plays it. It's the footage from the tragic and traumatic collapse that had killed Jude and her two friends. She's even more terrified, but has no chance to act because the next thing she knows she's in the trunk of someone's car. Surprise surprise, it's Jude. He threatens her family and makes her slit her own wrists. The police find her and obviously, assume that it was just a suicide attempt. With her past history of mental illnesses, her family puts her in the New Horizons residential treatment program. Coincidentally, she gets admitted the same weekend as her old treatment group are scheduled to visit the asylum. One unexpected person joins them there though. Noah Shaw somehow weaseled his way in in order to be with Mara. Romantic and somewhat confusing, yes. It's even more confusing when Noah is acting different and will barely even talk to Mara. That's all I've read to, but I'm looking forward to reading

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