Typhoon Yolanda Case Study

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and most of the people think in their Barangay from the socially correct perspective. In any case, the personal will be kept private. At this stage the participants have to make a guess and imagine the situation that currently take place in this Barangay. The participants decide what they believe on the following aspects: • The option most of the normal Barangay residents would choose in order to reduce or not reduce another unknown player’s income. • Which option would be chosen by Barangay Council Officials? • Which option would a candidate that run for office in 2013 without being elected to choose? • Which option would people that were heavily affected by the typhoon Yolanda choose? Heavily affected means that their home and property were completely destroyed. • Which option would people choose if they were affected by the typhoon Yolanda and if they received help by other neighbors and friends? This helps to reconstruction assistance and sharing of relief goods within the community. •…show more content…
In this game, there is a list of possible choices of unknown players and the participant has to decide how much money he or she will transfer (PHP 0 to PHP 70) for a specific individual including, normal Barangay resident, Barangay Council Officials, candidate who run for office in the past 2013 election but not become elected, people heavily affected by typhoon Yolanda (home and property completely destroyed), people heavily affected by the typhoon Yolanda and received aid by others (friends, family, neighbors) in the Barangay, they also share the relief goods and assistance with reconstructing the community, and people heavily affected by typhoon Yolanda and received humanitarian aid by any organization (distribution of relief goods, financial and reconstruction assistance from outside of the community. The participants have to transfer each of these specific individuals in the society with considering two

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