Compare And Contrast She's The Man Vs Twelfth Night

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In his day Shakespeare was well known for his comedies, along with comedic techniques used. One of his most popular ones included, the use of mistaken identity, making Twelfth Night a renounced play for portraying this ideology. Although Twelfth Night by Trevor Nunn is an almost identical replicat of the original Shakespeare play, She’s the Man is the more relevant adaptation for today’s society. The films use techniques such as; caricature, irony, slapstick, mistaken identity, absurdity, pun and juxtaposi¬tion and double entendre. All together these devices work together to produce highly comedic films that is widely enjoyed by young and old audiences. Although She’s the Man is a highly entertaining film, the film adaptation of Twelfth Night by Trevor Nunn has more benefits in studying for year 10 extension English as it provides a closer resemblance to the original Shakespeare play.…show more content…
The story follows the life of Viola who recently became shipwrecked on the banks of Illyria due to their boat being caught up in the strong winds of a storm. When she makes the gruelling assumption that her twin brother has not made it she takes his appearance to join the court of the local Duke Orsino whilst taking the name Cesario. Meanwhile Olivia is also mourning the death of her brother’s recent death and refuses to have any male company, which is highly inconvenient for the Duke as he is madly infatuated with her. Throughout the plot, Olivia falls in love with “Cesario”, whilst Viola falls in love with the Duke but he is still head over heals for the countess Olivia. With the awkward love triangle reaching a dramatic peak with the help of mistaken identity, it becomes evident that Sebastian was not indeed dead which leads to extreme confusion, but in the end; Sebastian ends up with Olivia and Viola with the

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