Gender Roles In The House On Mango Street

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In this novel “A House on Mango Street” Esperanza has lots of role models that have been through rough times or have been trapped in a relationship in this book. Lots of the characters have been able to break free from those relationships and some haven’t. One role model that I felt who was trapped in this book was a Alicia Esperanza’s friend. Alicia’s mother died, so her father forces her to take over the household by basically acting like the mom. Alicia tried to escape the neighborhood through marriage. To me it seems like Alicia is feeling trapped because she is having to take on a lot of responsibilities as a young adult. In “No Speak English” Mamacita is of one of Esperanza’s neighbors . Her husband works very hard. In the book Mamacita never leaves the house. You can tell she misses Mexico. She is fat, but Esperanza also finds the beauty . She sits by the window, listens to Spanish radio, and she wishes to go home. “Some people think she never leaves her room because she is too fat or because she cannot get down the three flights of stairs, but Esperanza believes she refuses to come down because she doesn’t speak any English”. Esperanza discovers the best everybody which is fine but can also bad for her.…show more content…
She wears makeup, and short skirts. Sally’s father thinks her beauty is a hazard to her life because he feels that boys would use her for the worst not the good and he doesn’t like to let her out of the house. Esperanza described really good qualities about Sally but Sally looks for to much attention from guys which her dad is not fond about

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