Tursurday Night Short Story

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Thursday Night I always thought that being a teenager is full of happiness. The happy nights that never ends and the things you could do when you’re all grown up. When I was a kid I always dreamt of being a teenager already because of my two sisters who are enjoying their life without limitations. I thought it’s just full of happiness and new discoveries. I felt that I’m always alone at our house because whenever our school bus take me home I arrived with an empty house which I don’t have someone to play with because they’re all busy and have their own different lives. My mother and father is busy with their jobs while my two sisters are all grown up and always at school. I always wait for them but eventually they always came at home late and tired. I don’t want to bother them because I’m afraid they will call me attention seeker because I’m the youngest. They spoil me with things but the attention I got from them is not enough for me to feel that our home is a “home”. I always get jealous at my friends for having a complete family at a so called “Family Day” event at our school. I always get a hard time pleasing someone to come with me at our school even…show more content…
I cut classes, play billiards, and drink alcohol with my friends. One of my sisters asked me if I could go drive her in Cavite but I refused to because it’s Thursday night so she drive herself alone going to Cavite when I suddenly received a text from my parents that my sister was involved in a car accident and my sister is in a critical condition. I felt like my heart is broken into pieces because I blamed myself because it will never happened if I went with her and drove her to Cavite. My other sister slapped me in the face as soon as I arrived at the hospital because she thought that I drove my

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