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“Death ends a life, not a relationship” (Albom 174). The wise words were said by Morrie Schwartz, an old sociology professor, who means that just because someone dies, it does not mean that the memories and the person are fully gone. The meaning of the quote is specifically shown in Tuesdays With Morrie after the death of Morrie Schwartz. Morrie was diagnosed with ALS which is a progressive disease that affects nerve cells. It weakens muscles and impacts physical function. Medication and therapy can help ease discomfort but since there is no cure, ALS eventually leads to death. Even when he knew his time was running out, Morrie remained the cheerful person and wanted to teach as long as he could. Morrie teaches people to live life through appreciating…show more content…
He believes that people kid themselves about death. They don’t think about dying which doesn’t make them become more involved in their life while living. An example of Morrie’s wise words about accepting death is, “Everyone knows they’re going to die...but nobody believes it, if we did we would do things differently” (Albom 81). Death is one of the biggest challenges in people’s lives. They are aware of death but do not live life to the fullest because people do not realize the reality of dying. I agree with Morrie that once a person truly accepts death, he or she would life life with no regrets. Morrie’s lesson about accepting death teaches me that I have to stop and consider what is important and missing in my life. His lesson connects to my own life because I need to appreciate things I am able to do and experience. The actuality of death does not occur to me sometimes, and I learned that putting the topic of death aside will not make it go away which is why I shouldn’t spend my life worrying about dying and being unhappy. Instead, I should live life to the…show more content…
He only gives himself a few moments for self-pity since showing emotions is important. It is only awful the way a person sees it. Being diagnosed with ALS, it is sad for Morrie to slowly watch his body parts lose their abilities. However, he considers himself lucky due to the fact that he has time to say goodbye. For instance, “I give myself a good cry if I need it. But then I concentrate on all the good things still in my life” (Albom 57). I agree with Morrie that letting out emotions and feeling self-pity for some time is alright. Yet, if one never lets go of the emotions, one will never be able to get over them. Also, nothing lasts forever so it is important to not get too attached to things. Morrie’s lesson about people spending less time feeling sorry for themselves connects to my own life because I worry about situations that do not matter. Sometimes, I feel guilty for what should have happened and why it did not result in the way I wished it to. His lesson teaches me that there is so much good and positive things in my life which if why I have to move on from my own worries and regrets.. I should not spend so much time having self-pity over my troubles because nothing is

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