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To what extent does the Trojan War highlight the significance of mythology in Ancient Greek culture? During what is considered to be the late Bronze Age of the Aegean world, the most prominent event of Ancient Greek culture took place. The Trojan War spanned over a period of ten years and was initiated by the advancement of King Menelaus and his Spartan army in order to avenge the abduction of his wife, who was taken to the city of Troy. Following the ten years in which the war waged on, the strategy of the legendary Trojan Horse was put forth by a prominent Greek figure, Odysseus, where the item was presented as a peace offering but was instead, an act of manipulation which ultimately led to the downfall of Troy. However, despite the story’s…show more content…
The Iliad is derived from various versions of the myth which had been passed down through generations during the five centuries following the Trojan War, most of which consisted of oral recounts. The narrative of the Trojan War in Homer’s Iliad is comprised of short stories and poems that primarily focus on the final stages of the ten-year siege and recount the battles between the prominent figures of the story in explicit detail. However, as opposed to the myth, the Iliad refers to the Roman aspects of the gods at times, such as Minerva rather than Athena. This emphasises the rivalry between the Greeks and Romans as while Trojans were classified as Greek, they were of Roman descent [Pope, 2014]. The correlation of Romans and Greeks with the war suggest that the myths were highly significant in Ancient Greek…show more content…
Frescoes, which are assumed to have illustrated various depictions of Ancient Greece, were corroded and were disregarded for their lack of resourcefulness. In addition, Linear B Tablets were excavated and contemporary translations of the hieroglyphic inscriptions indicate that the purpose of these written clay tablets were to record economic transactions and related business affairs. [Bury and Meiggs, 1988, pg. 51] The Mycenaean Greeks briefly mentioned the names of important officials within their society as well as early Greek deities such as Poseidon, Zeus and Artemis. As there are no additional sources which

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